Scarsella’s Flowers seeks to celebrate and share this beauty by offering products and services that incorporate nature’s finest materials into your home environment. Located in the hamlet of Laurel Hollow on Long Island’s gold coast, Scarsella’s Flowers has been an established flower shop for 85 years. A highlight of our property is the three priceless antique greenhouses that were moved to this location over the years from old estates in the area. We specialize in exquisite blooms that are whimsical and inspired by the season and natural elements, but we are so much more than a flower shop. We strive for your visit to be an experience, a feast of the senses where the beauty of flowers, plants and trees takes center stage and serves as inspiration for your home decorating, entertaining and outdoor living pursuits.

Scarsella’s Flowers reputation is built on 85 years of commitment, integrity, impeccable standards and an insistence on the very best. We invite you to discover what many clients have over the years... the outstanding flowers,
quality merchandise and creative services that define our mission.

Randy Statham and Philip Claps
Co- Owners, Scarsella’s Flowers